Sunday, June 28, 2015

So this week was really awesome! We had our baptism!!! It was a really neat service. She was really happy! Elder Passey and I spoke at the baptism. Jordon was able to be a witness, which was awesome. It was kinda crazy getting everything set up right as church ended. It was an awesome day to have a baptism. After we were able to go to the Awbrys for fathers day. It was really fun there.

One cool fact!!! I COME HOME IN A YEAR!!!!! JUNE 23, 2016!!!! WOOT WOOT!!! I am excited for that!!!!

Our week started our really crazy. One of our less actives, Patrick, that we visit who is unable to come to church because of his health was in very poor condition so we were visiting him a lot; he probably will pass away really soon.

One of the missionaries this week had a surgery and the other got ET, so we were able to have the car for 4 days. It was so nice. We were actually able to do some shopping!!! I finally had food to eat!  It was so nice we were able to visit some hispanic people that we are unable to visit because they live so far away! But we had to give it up on Saturday... :( I hope they will give us a car I felt so much better being in a car.

We also had both Zachs and Jessica's interviews. Both went well. Zach is still scheduled for this saturday for his baptism.

We also visited the cajun member who really loves his guns. It was a funny visit again. He told us he is computer illiterate and wants us to help him use the computer and make an LDS singles account ! We told him he should ask the ward on help for that one.

I love you and miss you so much!
Love Elder Richardson

Monday, June 15, 2015

Before Thee Lord, I Bow My Head 6/15/2015

So this week was a little slow. The weather has been really bad and it is really hard to go out when there is a down pour. But we were able to see our people still. We have been planning both of our baptisms coming up.

During the weekend we had stake conference in Baton Rouge. Elder Carlson of the second quorum of the seventy came. They talked a lot about Sabbath day observance and how we can bring the spirit more into our meetings. He talked a lot about the 3 hour block and being attentive. During the Saturday evening session he did some question and answers which was really cool. One thing that was asked about was the age of the prophet. He talked about how President Monson is still as active and funny as he always been. He talked about an experience when he was taking the elevator down from the Church administration building down to the parking garage and it stopped on the first presidency level. He was at first concerned it was one of the councilors but realized it was fairly late so it probably was one of their secretaries. When it opened it was President Monson. And when he saw it was Elder Carlson he started whistling the air force song tune because he was in the air force. He talked about how president Monson has been feeling the effects of age more but that he is still very active and hasn't slowed down. He said we shouldn't be worried about his age and when the Lord wants him needed some where else the lord will take him.

The Sunday session focused a lot on our priorities especially making church more of a priority than sports. After the conference we had a lesson with Zach next to the temple. We talked about the temple and different blessings that come after baptism. He told us he has never been to a place where he has felt the the spirit so strong. It was really neat.

We also were able to see Jessica. We were helping her plan her baptism. She is really excited to be baptized on Sunday!!! We are so excited!!!!!

We have some interesting new investigators. We were coming out of an old folks home visiting a less active. We passed an older couple outside and they asked us to sit down and talk about the Book of Mormon with them. To make a long story short they told us they used to be members of the Church of Christ (temple Lot) Church which is a break off. They now call them Book of Mormon Independents. They believe in the book of Mormon but they think Joseph Smith went too far. It was really weird. i have never met a break off from our church. He likes the LDS Church but doesn't like the other small break offs. He was saying they our Church will own the land where the Community of Christ temple is and the temple lot the break off he was a part of. It was really interesting. He wants us to come by when we are visiting the person who is less active in the rehabilitation center and read the Book of Mormon with him.

I am so excited for this next week with Baptisms!!! It is going to be awesome!!!

“Though we are incomplete, God loves us completely. Though we are imperfect, He loves us perfectly. Though we may feel lost and without compass, God's love encompasses us completely. ... He loves every one of us, even those who are flawed, rejected, awkward, sorrowful, or broken.” ― Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Love Elder Richardson

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Now let us rejoice? 6/9/2015

So I get to stay in Lafayette with Elder Passey for one more transfer. We were really happy that we were able to stay here. I am glad we will be able to witness our baptisms coming up. We are so excited!!!

Last Week we were able to some of our hispanic investigators... But getting them to come to church is a different story.... It is hard to get hispanics to keep commitments.....

We had an awesome experience on Sunday. It was one of the most spiritual sacrament meetings ever. The Whole congregation felt it. The awesome part was when we saw Zach go up!!!! My companion and I looked at each other in shock!!! He gave a powerful testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel and the change he has had in his life!!! He talked about how he has never felt so happy in his life. He shared his testimony of prayer and how he came to know that the church was true!!!! HE IS SO READY!!!

After was had a lesson with him about the gospel of Jesus Christ. He basically taught the lesson. It is so easy when investigators actually read the pamphlet!!! We have another lesson with him on Wednesday at a members house.

We also had a lesson with Jessica on Tithing, and the law of chastity. We are all done with the pamphlets now with her!!!! It went well too because she is also reading the pamphlets too!!! We have a lot of fun with that family.

We also had an interesting experience last week. We met with a active but spiritual needs member. He is extremely full blast cajun. His home looked like a war zone. He had confederate flags everywhere!!! He entire home was filled with guns. He talking about how the government is evil and that the south will invade washington!!! HAHA he even showed us his hidden gun compartments in the roof and floor to hide his guns from the government!!! It was so hard not to laugh. He was showing us his guns. He showed us one military gun with a red laser. He told us when he has that prepared to when he hears someone he has it to shine in his back yard and it also has 16 reasons why they should get out! HAHA!!! It was really funny!

This week was slower but it was still awesome. We had to move the baptismal dates because we are unexpectedly having stake conference!!!! AAAAAA!!! stake conference is hindering the work of Salvation!!!! So we moved Jessica's baptism to the 21st and Zach's is the 27th. We are so excited but we are praying that we wont be transferred next week.

It has been a miracle to see the progression in both Zach and Jessica. Both of them are prepared to receive the gospel! We were teaching Jessica and her husband yesterday about the word of wisdom, and they told us that they have never felt the spirit more in their lives since they have been having us over.

We were also with Zach yesterday teaching him the plan of salvation. He has a strong testimony of the gospel. He is so excited to be baptized.

Last week we were put on lockdown a lot because of the heavy rains. It would be really nice to get a car. I hope we will get one next transfer...

I has been really hot here. AND HUMID!!! I miss the Dryness in Utah. It has been really fun having investigators who actually progress!!! I am so excited for their baptisms!!!

I miss you and love you so much!!! Have an amazing week!!!