Sunday, August 23, 2015

The rain helping the temps.... That is the funniest thing I heard. The rain makes it worst here. It just feels like you are in a bathroom with the shower on as hot as it can go...... Transfers is the 2nd... The dad of Zach is in Bangladesh selling a factory, a mansion, and a village.... So now is the perfect time to teach the family So this week was awesome!!! We were able to get haircuts last monday. It felt so much better in the heat. On Tuesday we were able to see a couple of less active referrals. WE GOT A TON OF THEM FROM THE MEMBERS!!!! One family came to church too!!!! We also saw Anthony. He still wont progress but it is always amazing to see him.

We were finally able to go to Abbevile on Wednesday. It is like New Orleans out in the middle of no where. We were locating people on the ward roster and we were able to see our Hispanics also. There was one part where we thought we were going to get jumped. We pulled over at this one address and this guy that looked like he was high on drugs went like into this crouch position then he went behind a bush so we were pretending to read a pamphlet while we were still looking at this guy then this kid came up to our car and asked us if we were cops and we said no then the guy came over and asked if we were cops and we said no. So I'm sure he was doing something illegal. There were a bunch of sketchy people down there. But it was a fun small town... It reminded me a lot of New Orleans. It was amazing though that we got to go down there and finally see people. We also did some tracting there but most people were too busy doing illegal stuff.....

On Thursday we saw some Less Actives and we also did some tracting... No success still. Oh Well.. Friday we also tried to locate some more people on the roster that we couldn't find. But that gave us the opportunity to talk to more people.

Saturday we saw the  cajun member that the Bishop asked us to visit often. He was still talking to us about is court stuff and how the government is trying to take away our guns..... It was really funny. We also saw other less actives.

Sunday we did a lot of Tracting. . Then we spent dinner with the Awbry family. They are amazing!!! Sister Awbry reminds me of you mom. And then that night we did call ins.

Today we went to Avery Island where Tabasco is made. I was really fun!!! I really enjoyed it. We got to try the different flavors they have. Chipolte Raspberry is really interesting. THEY ALSO HAD TABASCO SODA!!! IT WAS ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD!!! The chili was also really good. The jungle Gardens were probably the best!!! We saw Alligators!!!! It was really cool. It was like being in a movie... It was very mystical. We had so much fun.

I love you so much mom!!!! Make good choices!!! We are working hard and doing our best here. Me and my companion are having a lot of fun! It is going awesome down here in the south!!! Have an awesome week mom!!!!
So this week was really good. We had pretty good week. We got to see Anthony and teach him a little bit about faith and repentance. That went awesome. We tried to get him to meet us at the church so we could do a tour of the church but he didn't want to commit to meeting us there... oh well.

We also helped some people moved out of the ward. That was fun in the heat.... We also tracted into someone and taught them the restoration lesson. It went really good.

We also got to see Zach and his mom, sister, and brother. We showed them Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration. Zach really enjoyed it and the restoration made a lot more sense to him on film. His mom had a lot of questions. She wants to read the book of mormon. We gave her a copy of the book of mormon. Zach's brother is also reading the book of mormon. I so hope that his family will accept the gospel. They are so wonderful to us and are very good people. We are going to have a plan of salvation lesson at the Awbrys home this week hopefully.

We also had another meeting in Baton Rouge.... AAAA So many meetings!!!! It was fairly good. I also went on exchanges with the zone leaders. That was interesting.... But i am glad I serve in Lafayette. Baton Rouge is really sketchy....


One of my favorite scriptures is found in Matthew 11: 28-30

 28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
 29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
 30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.
Taking on the yoke of Christ is the easiest way we can bear our burdens. The more we live up to our covenants. The more easier life will be. It may be hard living the commandments such as the Word of Wisdom, loving others, paying tithing, being charitable, living the law of Chasity, attending church weekly, having a current temple recommend, etc but they provide us with peace. comfort, and protect us. May we do our best to live up to the covenants we have made to follow the savior at Baptism and in the temple of our God. I know this gospel is true. I know that obedience is hard but it brings us joy and happiness. I love yall so much!!! Thank you for your support and love!!!!
Elder Richardson

Monday, August 3, 2015

 I am so glad we are on the new month. The entire mission did so bad on miles and allotment. We had a ton of zone meetings so a lot of eating out and driving.... BUT IT is a new month!!!

So this week we had a good week. We helped a new family moved into the ward. Probably the most easiest move I have helped with on my mission. HAHA! We also helped a member put cinder blocks around her gardens so they would be protected during hurricanes. While doing that we were able to talk to her neighbor about the church.

We were able to see our investigator Anthony. Hopefully he will come to church!!! He says he wants to but he keeps backing out!!!!

We were able to see a bunch of less actives that we were unable to see with bikes, We are going to go through the roster to find all the Hispanic less actives. We couldn't go to far because when it was our turn to use the car it was already over on miles..... We will be able to some finding in those areas like Abbeville that are really far away. We did do a lot of tracting but no luck.... Everybody says they are Catholic!!!!!..... It is so much easier using the members.

We were able to see a Hispanic less active family named the Sosas. They were really nice. They fed us really good tostatas and tacos. I miss the Hispanic food. Speaking of food I made red beans and rice!!! And They were actually good!!!

For district meeting I instructed on Elder Joseph B Wirthlins talk titled come what may and love it. It is one of my favorite talks. Call ins were also really good. Not too much drama... but they were a little disappointed with interviews. One sister was crying over the phone because president said something that was a little offensive... That was interesting listening to that over the phone... He is nice but he is not very good with words though.... My interview was pretty good. Although it was kind of awkward because I had to bring up a situation where an elder in the district smells really bad and I mean really bad that the members have complained.....  The best part of interviews was getting to talk to Sister Hansen. She is amazing!!! All of the missionaries talked with her after.

Church was really good yesterday. I bore my testimony.... My companion's bishop was visiting his son who is actually in Lafayette so that was cool for my companion to see him. After church we did tracting.

Love Elder Richardson