Monday, August 3, 2015

 I am so glad we are on the new month. The entire mission did so bad on miles and allotment. We had a ton of zone meetings so a lot of eating out and driving.... BUT IT is a new month!!!

So this week we had a good week. We helped a new family moved into the ward. Probably the most easiest move I have helped with on my mission. HAHA! We also helped a member put cinder blocks around her gardens so they would be protected during hurricanes. While doing that we were able to talk to her neighbor about the church.

We were able to see our investigator Anthony. Hopefully he will come to church!!! He says he wants to but he keeps backing out!!!!

We were able to see a bunch of less actives that we were unable to see with bikes, We are going to go through the roster to find all the Hispanic less actives. We couldn't go to far because when it was our turn to use the car it was already over on miles..... We will be able to some finding in those areas like Abbeville that are really far away. We did do a lot of tracting but no luck.... Everybody says they are Catholic!!!!!..... It is so much easier using the members.

We were able to see a Hispanic less active family named the Sosas. They were really nice. They fed us really good tostatas and tacos. I miss the Hispanic food. Speaking of food I made red beans and rice!!! And They were actually good!!!

For district meeting I instructed on Elder Joseph B Wirthlins talk titled come what may and love it. It is one of my favorite talks. Call ins were also really good. Not too much drama... but they were a little disappointed with interviews. One sister was crying over the phone because president said something that was a little offensive... That was interesting listening to that over the phone... He is nice but he is not very good with words though.... My interview was pretty good. Although it was kind of awkward because I had to bring up a situation where an elder in the district smells really bad and I mean really bad that the members have complained.....  The best part of interviews was getting to talk to Sister Hansen. She is amazing!!! All of the missionaries talked with her after.

Church was really good yesterday. I bore my testimony.... My companion's bishop was visiting his son who is actually in Lafayette so that was cool for my companion to see him. After church we did tracting.

Love Elder Richardson

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