Sunday, August 23, 2015

The rain helping the temps.... That is the funniest thing I heard. The rain makes it worst here. It just feels like you are in a bathroom with the shower on as hot as it can go...... Transfers is the 2nd... The dad of Zach is in Bangladesh selling a factory, a mansion, and a village.... So now is the perfect time to teach the family So this week was awesome!!! We were able to get haircuts last monday. It felt so much better in the heat. On Tuesday we were able to see a couple of less active referrals. WE GOT A TON OF THEM FROM THE MEMBERS!!!! One family came to church too!!!! We also saw Anthony. He still wont progress but it is always amazing to see him.

We were finally able to go to Abbevile on Wednesday. It is like New Orleans out in the middle of no where. We were locating people on the ward roster and we were able to see our Hispanics also. There was one part where we thought we were going to get jumped. We pulled over at this one address and this guy that looked like he was high on drugs went like into this crouch position then he went behind a bush so we were pretending to read a pamphlet while we were still looking at this guy then this kid came up to our car and asked us if we were cops and we said no then the guy came over and asked if we were cops and we said no. So I'm sure he was doing something illegal. There were a bunch of sketchy people down there. But it was a fun small town... It reminded me a lot of New Orleans. It was amazing though that we got to go down there and finally see people. We also did some tracting there but most people were too busy doing illegal stuff.....

On Thursday we saw some Less Actives and we also did some tracting... No success still. Oh Well.. Friday we also tried to locate some more people on the roster that we couldn't find. But that gave us the opportunity to talk to more people.

Saturday we saw the  cajun member that the Bishop asked us to visit often. He was still talking to us about is court stuff and how the government is trying to take away our guns..... It was really funny. We also saw other less actives.

Sunday we did a lot of Tracting. . Then we spent dinner with the Awbry family. They are amazing!!! Sister Awbry reminds me of you mom. And then that night we did call ins.

Today we went to Avery Island where Tabasco is made. I was really fun!!! I really enjoyed it. We got to try the different flavors they have. Chipolte Raspberry is really interesting. THEY ALSO HAD TABASCO SODA!!! IT WAS ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD!!! The chili was also really good. The jungle Gardens were probably the best!!! We saw Alligators!!!! It was really cool. It was like being in a movie... It was very mystical. We had so much fun.

I love you so much mom!!!! Make good choices!!! We are working hard and doing our best here. Me and my companion are having a lot of fun! It is going awesome down here in the south!!! Have an awesome week mom!!!!

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