Sunday, September 13, 2015

Truth Reflects Upon our Senses

So Yesterday We got the call for transfers that I was staying.... However, At 9:30 we received a call from the assistants that I was transferring. Then a minute later President called and asked me to train and open up a new area 😨..... Apparently another elder was supposed to but president didn't want him to do it at the last minute.... I am so nervous right now....... 💩 I hope I will be able to find my way around..... AAAA I am freaking out right now.... I so hope I will have a car... I do not want to bike. I am a strong independent man who needs no bike in his life!!!  WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!!!! I heard rumors that it would probably be in LaPlace or Opelousus...

Anyway..... I will make sure to email yall my new address tomorrow....

This week was really good.... I wanted to stay!!! But oh well I guess the lord has a different plan...... We did a ton and a ton and ton of tracting.... We knocked over 200 doors and guess how many let us in? ZERO!!!! I felt bad because I could really tell my companion was tracted out... So was I.... There were a couple people we visited that moved.... Oh Well... it was fun though.... We visited Raphael And Virginia. We shared the story about the widow that Elijah asked for food from when she had very little and that after she had food. They enjoyed it. They both came to church. They will get baptized someday they just need to develop more faith. We also visited a couple of less active referals.  We also helped set up for a ward Lua. It was really cool and neat. We also helped out at the old folks home and did a bible study with them.

 I hope this transition goes well. I need all of the prayers right now!!!!!

Love Elder Richardson

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