Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Families Can Be Together Forever 7/27/2015

Well thats interesting you had a phone call from President!!! Ya we are ok. We actually drove in front of that theater two days before.

So transfers happened and I got a companion named Elder Quist. He is from Boise Idaho. He has been a really fun companion to have. We also were put into a car share!!!! Finally we are able to use the car!!!! It will be so much better than biking everyday!!! AND WE CAN FINALLY GO TO ABBEVILLE!!!

So last week we were able to see a couple of people eventhough it was busy with transfers. We saw a less active named Bobby Smith. He has been going through some hard times. He later took us out to eat which was really nice. We also saw an older widow named sister philips. We talked to her on her porch and she gave us po-boys.

We got back really late from transfers so we were not able to do much on that day. On thrusday we saw two less actives. Krista and sister dunbar. Then we went and saw out investigator Anthony after coordination. Hopefully he will come to the church. We fill the spirit so strong every time we visit with him.

Before district meeting on Friday we received a call from Brother Caviarros. I had never met him while here because he has been offshore in Africa but he picked us up that morning and we had breakfast with him and his wife. His wife isn't a member so hopefully we can teach her.

District meeting was fun. It wasn't too bad having to conduct it. Later that evening we helped the Wuertonberg family with a YSA activity.

Saturday was awesome. My companion in his last area had someone he taught that was going through the temple for the first time so we got permission and went to the temple. The Wuertonbergs were already planning on going to the temple so that was a miracle we had to go there. When we got there we arrived 2 hours early before the 11 o clock session. The sisters and the Wuertonbergs wanted to go take pictures around the temple. We decided to go put our stuff in the waiting area but just as we were walking in a temple worker ran up to us and asked us they needed some help with priesthood and they didn't have much because there was a big ward going through for baptism and a session was going on at the time. They had a couple that was getting sealed and they only had a grandpa with them and they needed witnesses. We hurried and got changed in our white clothing and they asked me to be a witness for the sealing!!!! I was really nervous I didn't know what to look for if it was like a baptism witness where you have to make sure they go under. I got to sit next to the sealer as he did the ceremony! IT WAS SO COOL!!! I had never witnessed a sealing in my life. It was so simple yet it was so powerful!!!! After, they brought their two little children to be sealed. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I had ever had. Then after I got to sign my name on their sealing certificate. It was really awesome!!! Then after we got to do the session. It was a really neat session. I also saw Sister Ortega and the Stancliffe family from the WestBank!!! That was so awesome!!!!! Brother Stancliffe came up to me in the Celestial Room. I was able to teach him how to do family history back in the west bank. He came up to me and told me that He is now the branch family history teacher and that people come every week to his house to learn family history. He also told me that he has found over 200 names!!!! I am not going to lie. It made me feel really good. :)

After the temple we got to see Barry. That was really cool because we told him we went to the temple earlier and the lesson turned into about the temple. He said he wanted to go through someday. We told him he could if he got active. He said he really wants to. After we went contacting. Not much success there.

At Church we had two investigators come. IT was awesome because they were hispanics. Brother Caviaros wife and a person from Abbeville. After we got to go to the Shermers then after I did Call ins.

Elder Richardson

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