Sunday, July 19, 2015

O Ye Mountains High

So this week was still another slow week. A lot of people are out of town still. We did a lot of service. We were able to see our investigator Anthony twice. He complains about his church all the time and wants to come to ours and really likes what we teach him but just like with everyone in the south... They still don't keep commitments.

We were able to help an older lady in the ward with her garden. That was fun. After she bought us food from chipotles. We also had zone conference. Salt lake now wants us to do the restoration lesson in 4 minutes. I really liked how they do it. We also learned that we are the only missionaries in the entire zone of over 30 missionaries who dont have a car!!!! I will admit. When I learned that I was not happy because we have one of the biggest areas in the mission.....

We also helped out at a combined mutual missionary activity. We helped the youth come up with a list of less actives to help deactivate and Also a list of friends they can invite. It was really good but it was hard to keep them entertain. We also had to help the youth on Saturday with baptisms for the dead at the temple. Of a ward with four hundred people they were only able to have 2 priesthood holders come. None of the young mens leaders were there. So they had to have us 4 elders assigned here to assist with the youth because at the BR temple you have to provide priesthood and the young woman leaders have to do the laundry. I am glad that I got to go but it is sad to see the lack of leadership in this huge ward. Elder Passey and I were witnesses. The baptistry changing room only has two stalls!!! It is really really small.

That night we also helped out at a YSA barbecue. It was so hot at the grill outside in proselytes. It has been so hot!!! I am ready for cool weather haha!!! We were able to see a couple of less actives. Last week also.

Sunday morning the elders quorum president asked us to give the elders quorum lesson. It was on chapter 13 in the Ezra Taft Benson book about temples. We winged the lesson but I think we did awesome.... Hopefully...... :D

Today as a district we went to Olive Garden for soup and salad for my year mark!!! HERE I COME JUNE 23rd 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss you all!!
Elder Richardson

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