Wednesday, July 8, 2015

America the Beautiful

So this week was a little slow with the holiday but we were able to do a lot still. On Wednesday we were able to see Jose and Carmen and teach them. We were also able to see Mary and her husband. They are really interested but it is so hard to bring hispanics to church.

On Thursday we were able to see a couple of less actives. After we were able to see the Malleys. (The independent Mormons) He knows a lot about the Book of Mormon and really likes our church but I have no idea how to bring conversion there were you already believe in the Book of Mormon but believe Joseph Smith went too far.... It is really confusing. We feel that inviting them to church will really help them.

Later that night we were able to visit Zachs mom, brother, and sister. They are really nice and are really open to the gospel. They cooked us dinner and were really friendly. We gave Zach a priesthood line of authority. He really liked that and thought it was really cool. The family is so wonderful and are prepared to receive the gospel. They have been coming to church every week which has been awesome.

One Friday we tried contacting but it was really hot and there was nobody at any of the parks we biked to. Later that evening we visited Jessica and Jordon with some other members. We taught them a little bit about the temple and had them commit to go to the temple in a year. They are really exciting and are both progressing more. We are really sad because she will be moving back to Lehi in two weeks

After we were able to go to fireworks on the 3rd that started at 9. Some members took us. We were not allowed to go at fireworks if they were at 10. It was alright, not as good as the fireworks back home. For the district did our own lunch at the church. We did a cajun favorite by making hotdogs and wrapping them in hamburger meat and bacon. It was really good. We then went over to a barbeque that some members invited us to. They had hamburgers and ribs there. After we went to the church and played volley ball as a district. It was really fun.

Sunday we were able to see Steve Hall,  We were able to give his son a blessing.
We were able to have a lesson with Zach at a members home. We were hoping his family could be there because we were going to re teach the restoration. They were unable to come but we will be able to teach them another time.

 I love you and miss you!!!
Elder Richardson

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