Sunday, March 1, 2015

It sounds like you guys have been extremely busy with church. That is cool that Kaden got his mission call. Please tell him congrats for me!!! Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell Rita Murray Thank you for me. Thats cool that megan is going as Darth Maul. At least it is star wars and not some Rated R movie character. Thats cool that you got to make the Olive Garden soup. I made Gumbo a week ago with the pack and sausage links. It was good. I do want so Olive Garden Though. Ashley has stopped emailing me. I called on her last week about it and she just sent me an I love you right after...... Oh well.......

So Russel ended not getting baptized. He was not ready yet. He is still smoking. He told us he stopped but told us when we went to check on him that he was still smoking..... He is extremely poor and he gets his cigarettes from the buds off the ground and collects a bunch and lights them in a bottle and smokes that. We are going to need a lot of help from the branch. Oh Well.... We will continue to work on him... He still wants to work to that goal though, we are thinking maybe in December.... It is crazy to see how Satan can influence the hearts of men so strongly. But it also takes people different amounts of time to gain a strong enough testimony to not only Know but do. The Sunday last week we got to sing Soy Un Hijo de Dios with the Spanish branch kids in the primary program. It was combined with both branches during the program. But in that song, "I am a Child of God" one of the lines used to be "Teach me all that I must Know", But President Kimball asked to change it to "Teach me all that I must do" because we need to act on our faith in Christ. We need to be nice to others worship christ, keep the commandments and repent, Not now those things.

Even though that could have destroyed the week, We decided that it was not going to let us be depressed but would make us work harder. We taught plenty of people. We also gave sister Fresh a topic to study on and we are doing family home evening with her and the sisters. We gave her a lesson and she shared what she studied on. Then she started teaching us and the sisters how to Crochet.... I really sucked at it. It really helped her to not smoked but we got a call from her yesterday that she was fired from her job sooo..... hopefully she can find another one.

The past couple of months we have gotten a less active more active named Travis. His mom last week was in the hospital so we went and gave her a blessing. Now his parents want to learn more about the church because it has changed Travis so much. We were able to share a little bit with his father and he really liked it.

We helped out at a food bank. That was really neat. I had to sort the expired bread and throw away the moldy bread. But it was really neat to help those in need. We also went to do service for a less active lady that lives in Jean-Laffite in the Boyou. That was interesting.... She is recently going through and abusive divorce and she was either laughing or crying.... It was really akward to be there but it felt good that we can help her and give her service. We put up a fence and we also put a metal roof on the shed. When we were putting up the she the metal sheets wouldn't grip on the shoes so I had to lock my feet to the top of the roof and lay on my belly hold another elder feet to put on the roof.... It was really sketchy but fun.

Elder Walker lately has been going through some health problems with his lower area and they found out that riding a bike damaged some of the area which has caused some pain soo..... We got a car!!!! I am so happy we get to ride in a car and not bike!!!! My body feels so much better. We have been able to get more lessons this past week. Elder Walker is doing a lot better. The area will still be a bike area so when he goes...... the car goes.... :( hopefully we both stay this upcoming transfer on the 5th. I like Elder Walker and I like the Car...... SOOOO I would be very sad if one of us got transfered.

Last saturday was the Fall Festival and trunk or treat. I got to be one of the missionares that judge the chili. The winner of that was Brother Mark Neal. Me and Elder Walker visit him to help with his family history and to just share scriptures because he is divorced and he his kids dont want to have a relationship with him. it is really sad because he is one of the most nicest and helpful members in the branch. We also got to decorate the trunk and give out candy for the trunk or treat. We gave out the big candy bars so we were the cool missionaries in the district. Elder Walker is obsessed with batman and I like batman also so we did our trunk batman themed. It looked really cool. Some of the missionaries dressed up. Elder Walker wanted to go as batman but we still had to have our missionary attire and so he went as bruce Wayne and had a batman mask. I wore a sweater vest and flat cap to look like a 20s person. I looked really ghetto. Then all the missionary companion-ships switched tags. The spanish branch was in charge of the haunted house at the party, It was really neat that the branches get together for parties. The branches are close to the Savior and the church even though they are small.

I am so grateful for the gospel and for the opportunity we have to go to the temple this Saturday!!! I am extremely excited for that. That is one thing we have tried to get less actives to excited for is the potential they have to take part in Temple worship. A couple of people this saturday will be going out for there own endowments.

I am glad that you are doing well. How is Gauge. I still have not received a picture. Is he fat?
 This is a greatest knowledge in the World to know that Jesus is the Christ and that we can live with our families forever through him. Yesterday we were talking about Eternal Marriage in Gospel principles and I am so grateful for the great example you and dad are to be married in the temple and honor each other!!! I love this gospel that gives us the greatest knowledge that we can be together forever. What ever happens we will always be together!!! LOVE YOU
Love Elder Richardson

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