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Hark the Herald Angel Sings Dec. 7, 2015

Hark The Herald Angel Sings
Robert Richardson <>  Dec 7 at 11:11 AM
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Buenos Dias All Yall!!!!

So this week was really awesome. We were able to do a lot of Christmas service. We got to wrap Christmas presents and prepare them for the homeless shelter. That was really fun.

We also were following up with a member that has been struggling and we met his roommate who just lost his mom. He asked if we could talk with him. We were able to share the plan of Salvation with him. It was really awesome.

We also ate at the Office couples apartment. They are really nice. We were able to play games with them which was really fun.

Saturday was awesome. It was branch temple night. It again was a lot more easier in Spanish. Let me tell you. That is the best language study is doing the Endowment in spanish. Or should I say La Investidura en espanol.

Sunday was awesome. We were at church and this couple walked in. They looked really familiar but I couldn't go talk to them yet because it was my turn to play for sacrament meeting. After I went to talk to them and they ended up being a couple me and Elder Tuttle tracted into clear back in September. She is a member and he isn't . We got an appointment with them tonight so I am supper pumped about that. Lets just say I am so grateful for the tender mercies of the lord. We finally have had an investigator attend church here!!!!!!!! We were also able to watch the first presidency Christmas devotional.

So my spiritual thought is on the 2 new videos the church has put out that the church has asked us missionaries to share and members of the church found on

I love the story of the good tidings from angel brought to the shepherds. Out of all the people in the World who could have such a wonderful manifestation. I am so grateful for the gift of a savior that was provided. I learned that more yesterday in temple how everything points toward Jesus Christ.  I miss all yall so much. Especially during the holiday season!!!! The church is true. A savior was born. The gospel message is sweet. It is the only thing that will bring peace and happiness to this world. And will bring salvation and Exaltation to those that accept it.
Elder Richardson

So fresh and so clean.

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