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Each life that touches ours for good February 16,2016

Each Life That Touches Ours For Good
Robert Richardson <>  Feb 16 at 11:00 AM
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So I got news that I will be leaving.... I am a little sad but I am ready to start in a new area again. Definitely this area was my hardest as far as getting the work going, but I have gained a testimony of diligence in this area. President Hinckley said, "Without hard work nothing grows but weeds" Definitely it was hard weeding the area but it is now ready for a harvest.  

So this week has been awesome. We have been continuing to help those in the branch do Family History. It has been awesome seeing the spirit of Elijah and the joy the members are having in searching their ancestors. It has been a little harder to find records for those in Central and South America but Definitely we have seen miracles help others. There have been members who have enjoyed it so much that they have shared it with friends. We have gotten referrals to help non members with Family history.

We had an awesome week. We contacted a man last week named Enoch. We got a return appointment. He had a lot of questions about the pamphlet when we went back. It was an awesome lesson. He said that a lot of the doctrinal questions he had like the three separate beings, the priesthood, the apostasy he all agreed with.

We also had the opportunity to visit Omar and his mom. It was a great opportunity to gain his moms trust. She was so nice. We also had the opportunity to just talk to him. Alli wasn't working. But it was a good opportunity to talk to him and told about the family proclamation and the importance of marriage because him and his esposa are not married. It was a opportunity to talk about that with him. It was really good. He said he would start talking about it with his life.

So for my spiritual thought today is on the plan of Salvation. Each of us have accepted our first estate and have come down to earth to gain a body. In the premortal world we had a knowledge that we would have to walk by faith, experience pain and death, and would have to live by obedience; however, we were given a knowledge that a Savior would be provided to redeem us from sin and death.

In this life. All will die, but death is just a doorway to another life, where we will be reunited with the ones we love for ever where we can rest from all of our troubles and labors. In the restored gospel the temple sealing makes it possible for a man and wife with there children to be together for eternity. Through it all obedience, ordinances, grace, repentance, the plan of salvation, and atonement, we have the opportunity to inherit the Celestial Kingdom and be crowned with glory and exalted. As in Adam all must die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive. One of my favorite talks is called the Race of Life by President Monson.

I invite you all to read that talk. The church is true. Death is not the end. We can be with the ones we love for all eternity. May God bless yall this coming week!!! YALL ARE THE BEST!!!!
Elder Richardson
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