Tuesday, July 29, 2014

07/17/2014 - First Email

Hey Mom I got your email. Yes the drive from the airport was very sketchy! The drivers were all over the place including the bus driver. They were driving in the middle of the lanes. At all of the stop lights children ran out to all of the cars to wash the vehicles to earn money.

The CCM is amazing!!! Everyone is so nice. It is truly Zion here! I took a bunch of pictures but I will have to send them next week because the computers wont take sd cards so I will have to hook it up with the cord which is back at my house. We get our own little house here at the CCM instead of dorms. My companion, Elder Siepert is a great guy. He is from Alpine Utah and is going to Dallas. We hang out with another companionship Elder Florez and Elder Raney. Elder Florez and I do splits during gym time because we both like to run. He is from Palm Springs California and is going to Provo Utah. He is a remarkable guy. He is the only member in his family so it was hard for him to go on a mission. Elder Raney is from Chicago and is going to Provo as well. He was in the same ward as Gebrari Parker.

That sucks that the counter tops were not done. One of my roommates Elder Cottle lives next door to Pam and Dave Buckley. Thats good Gauge is ok. I will remember to keep those people in the ward in my prayers as well as dad.
I am glad you guys went to the Pioneer devotional. You guys will have fun at the concert. Sundays are amazing, they are like P Days. We had a devotional that we just watched on the screen that Elder Bednar did a couple years ago. It was on being a preach my gospel missionary. That night we watched a movie in the auditorium about the building of the Salt Lake Temple. They had a Utah temple quiz and a world temple quiz. My companion and I were the first at the CCM to have gotten 100% on both of them!!! No one had ever done that.

The food is really good. It is all Mexican. One time for breakfast we had tomales. Even though the food is really good it is starting to get old because it all taste the same. The meat is in the same marinade everytime. We have rice, beans, and a variety of foods everyday. We had Flan, that was good but the texture was awful!!!

The classes are so tireding!!! We are at class from 7 in the morning to 9:30 at night. The first day of class we had to teach a lesson in spanish to a latino. It went ok but we got better each day as we progressed in our lessons. The hispanics are wonderful people. They are so funny and are always laughing. The teacher, Hermano Vargas only speaks in spanish so it is kinda hard to learn. He is a wonder ful guy thoughI have learned a lot of spanish but I have a long ways to go!!!

Tuesday we had a devotional from an area 70 named Jorge Salvidor. It was a really good devotional on trying to make our mission a positive experience.

The CCM is very beautiful. There are so many different exotic plants that I took a picture of!!!!. The city though is very loud, you always here siren, cars honking, yelling, and random booms go off. I would not trade the experiences I have gotten here for anything else.

I am so happy and filled with the spirit. You fill the spirit so strong here. When you sing the hymns in spanish the spirit is so strong it is hard to describe. On sunday we sang God be with you till we meet again to the missionaries that just left. I am going to cry like a baby when they sing it when we leave because this is a wonderful place to be. I have met great people who are going to different missions.

Yo sé que José Smith es un verdado profeta. Yo sé que el iglesia es veradado. Yo sé que Jesuscristo es el Salvador. Yo sé que El libro de Mormón es verdado.

I love you so much mom and miss you but I am happy here and love it.
Love Robert

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