Tuesday, July 29, 2014

07/24/2014 - A Homicidal Week

This week has been homicidal week. Both literally and figuratively. Remember when I told you there were random booms. We have neighbors on the mountain that has fiestas all the time and they always fire cannons all the time. Day and night. They are not gunshots however on Saturday when we had just gotten to bed we heard a drive-by shooting. It was thundering and lighting and there were children who were singing some creepy song. It was the perfect setting for a horror film. We were laughing the whole night because of that. On Sunday night that changed. We had just gotten to bed when we heard a scream followed by POP POP POP POP!!! We just looked at each other with horror. A couple of times we have heard drive-by shootings but I feel extremely safe at the CCM. The fence is extremely tall and the made out of concrete with electrical wiring at the top. Figuritvly it has been a homicidal week with the work. We are extremely busy and have no time to rest exept for P day. We still find time to goof off though. My companion and I get along very well. He is so funny and we have so much fun. Our district had to sing in sacrement meeting on sunday so we sang Más Cerca Dios de te. (Nearer my God to Thee). However when we practiced there became so contention in the district that is still going on. The Hermanas were mad and the Elders for being off key and some of the Elders got really mad. It died down but I still have a lot of frineds in the district that come and vent to me. I think my companion and I are the only ones that get along in our district. Even though the work is extremely busy, you feel the spirit so strong. It has been frustrating a little though because it is hard to learn spanish. Usually things came so easy in school but this feels like I will never learn it. I have been trying to have faith in the lord that I will know it someday. The spirit is so strong here. I love talking to the Hispanics that work here. They have such a strong testimony of the restoration of the gospel. They have so little here but they are so happy. The janitors said they would not work anywhere else even though they could make more money but they love feeling the spirit when they come to work. I love this work. I love being here but I am ready to get out into the field. If you ask any missionary here what is the first thing you are going to do when you get to America they will say eat Mcdonalds at the Airport. The food is ok but it is a lot of beans and rice. we had pizza from cosco one night and we just chowed it down and went for seconds. At the Tienda we got chips and let me tell you, Peservatives have never tasted so good. Sorry if I have been making mistakes in my typing but our district leader doesnt give us much time to do email so we have to type really fast. We are alloted an hour but he says 30 to 45 mins is good enough. Any way we had two devotionals since the last time I emailed. Sunday the Director of the CCM gave a talk on Remeber Lots Wife and that we should not look back to the past at our comforts at home but look forward to what we have to come on our missions. On Tuesday Elder Venezuala of the first quorm of the sevently talked about how great the work is we are doing and that we are not just converting individuals but we are converting families. I know this gospel is true with all my heart. I love being out here eventhough it is stressful a lot. I can always feel the spirit here.  

I love you so much mom, I am jealous that you will get to help our at the temple. Question how long did it take you to learn the language because i feel like I am not getting it. I know it it is just hard because things in school came really easy, I have been studying like no other. I emailed megan but I will re email them.
I love you so much
Elder Richardson

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