Friday, August 22, 2014

08/07/2014 - Two More Weeks

Sorry I am emailing late today. We went to the Mexico City Temple today. I tell you about in the latter part of this letter. By the way sorry if I respond to last weeks previous letter because our district leader only lets us take pictures of our letters so we cant read them really in the computer lab but since today was busy everyone wanted to go on their own time so I was able to read the letters. THANK GOODNESS

So this week was about the same as last week. My spanish has been improving. This was the first week we have not heard any drive by shootings. Our Sunday devotional was given by a  man named Brother Steiner. He was one of the creators of Preach my Gospel. He told us how much work went into creating it by the brethren. It was really neat how Gordon B Hinckly knew that the memorized discussions were not going to do has much good as if the missionaries teach from the heart and with the spirit. Tuesdays devotional was by an area seventy that I am not going to try and spell because it was a long name. Anyway he talked about gaining a testimony of Christ and that we need to teach others with love in us with Christ and for the investigator. The weeks have been going by fast, but I am so ready to get into the field. I am so excited for the 19th so I can get to Louisiana.

The temple was really neat. I wished that the Mexico City Temple was not under renovation because I really have been craving doing a session this week. Their renovating the foundation to prevent it from sinking like other buildings have in Mexico City. I am so excited to get to Baton Rouge so I can do a session. Anyway the visitors center was really neat. They had the Christus like other temples do. We watched a really neat video about families. It made me appreciate you guys more and for the sealing that are performed in the temples so that families can be together forever. The temple exterior was really neat. They were telling us that the design is an Aztec inspired design. In the visitors center they had pictures of the interior. They were really neat. I am excited that the Ogden Temple will be rededicated soon. I was able to see pictures of it. It is weird that the Celestial room does not have a main chandler but a dome instead.

The drive to an from the temple was interesting. The drive was about 40 miniutes but the who way we were not going to fast. There are speed bumps everywhere in Mexico City and people drive over those things really fast including the bus driver. I am glad that the CCM has their own busses because the other buses that I saw on the road were jammed pack with people sitting down and standing up. I think that would be illegal in America. A lot of the cars are jammed pack with people. It was really humbling to see how blessed we are, The only nice buildings we saw were LDS chapels and the temple. There must be a lot of LDS people that live down here because I saw 6 LDS Chapels. 3 Catholic Cathedrals and 1 Baptist church. The promises are cominig to pass that this gospel shall be preached to every Nation Kindred Tongue and People. On the drive also there were a bunch of stop signs but we did not stop for any of them. I was holding on to dear life as people were honking everywhere and about ready to T Bone. But fortunately we were safe. The only time that I felt really threatened was when we were stopped in Traffic and there was a clown that was going to different cars doing something. Anyway when the clown was by the by the bus so everyone on the bus took a picture of the clown. He got really angry an came to the bus and was yelling at us and banging on the bus. I went into a fettle position praying he was not going to kill us. But we were able to drive away just as he started banging.

Elder Richardson

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