Friday, August 22, 2014

08/14/2014 - Wow

Things have been the same old here..... Nothing much to talk about except that the CCM has a case of the Noro Virus going around... I think everyone has had it just in different degrees. I have been going poop like seven times a day..... Other missionaries have been vommiting up a storm. Anyway I still have been having explosive diaherra but I dont feel sick. Yesterday I had to go and then the toliet overflowed. There was water everywhere in the bathroom. Thank goodness it was not in our Casa but in one of the public restrooms.

We start orientations tomorrow for us leaving on Tuesday. Most people leave Monday including my companion so I dont know what I am going to do that day. My flight American Airlines flight 1066 from Mexico City leaves at 6:05 and arrives in Dallas at 8:40. We have to be at the reception office at 2 in the morning so there is no point in sleeping that night. My flight to Baton Rouge leaves at 12:35 and arrives at 1:55. I am so ready to get to Baton Rouge. These last couple of days have felt so unproductive. I can´t wait to have real investigators and not have to sit in a classroom for over 12 hours. Three things that everyone is excited for in America is Good Food, Carpet, and actual toliet paper. The ground in the class room is bricks and it is starting to really hurt the knees. I took a nap this morning after breakfast and it felt so good!!!! I am so excited to be able to attend the temple next wednesday in Baton Rouge. I can´t believe this is my last P-day in the CCM HALLELUJAH!!!

We had two devotionals this week. The Sunday one was a broadcast of David A Bednar. He talked about being like Christ and when bad things happen we need to turn outward instead of inward like the Natural Man. He called it the Cookie Monster effect as the natural Man. He talked how the natural man wants things now and when he has it he devours it. He talked about how we shouldn´t want baptisms. Rather we should want to help people be happier. He gave an example of a christ like women who lost her daughter in a car accident and was worried about the two other girls who were seriously injured. She also was chewed out by a member of the ward because she had forgotten to bring soup over to sick member of the ward during the funeral but did not complain.

Sunday night we watched How rare a possesion. I love that movie especially the part when the sicilian man finds a copy of the Book of Mormon without not knowing its name and was not able to get baptized for 40 years because the cover was missing and he couldnt find the church it belonged to.

Tuesday we had a devotional by a Mexican Area Seventy whose name I cannot spell but he talked about how our testimonies are the spark that lights conversion. He talked about how we need to remember the Holly Ghost does the conversion not us and we should teach our lessons in ways that invite the spirit.

Con Amor
Elder Richardson

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