Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dios manda a profetas

So this week was very busy and very exhausting! We were helping a hispanic catholic congregation put up booths for a fair they were going to have. It was a job that took a couple of days and was very exhausting.

We were able to see some of our investigators. We saw Jose and his family. We shared Alma 32 about faith and how it is like a seed. We also liken it to acting on our faith and how reading the book of mormon and attending church. We also shared it with another investigator named Leo. Both of them did not attend church. Oh the joys of being a missionary. :D

We shared a the plan of salvation with a family we tracted into. There was a strong feeling when we shared with them how families can be together forever. Hopefully they were able to feel that too. It was nice because we didn't tract as much as we have been. Sunday night we sat on the apartment porch watching the blood moon. That was cool!!!

Yesterday we had to take down the booths so it took a while. After the Baton Rouge Missionaries did a nerf gun/lightsaber war. President Hansen came and joined also. It was really fun. It was neat to see President not in his President mode. HAHA.

I am so excited for this weekend for General Conference!!! I will just include my spiritual thoughts in this email now haha. But how blessed are we to have a prophet of the living God on Earth!!! Like the days of Abraham, Moses, Noah, God has doesn't cease to be God, but still reveals his word to his chosen servants! "Surely The Lord God Will Do Nothing but Revealeth his secrets to his servants the Prophets." Amos 3:7. This one is very excited to receive three new Apostles!!! May we listen real intently to as we hear the will of the lord for His church and kingdom here on the earth!!!!

Miss yall so much!!!! Yall have an amazing week!!!!! #makegoodchoices #LBRM #churchistrue
Elder Richardson

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