Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hijos del Senor, venid


So This week we continued to do some tracting. We had a couple of followup appointments that we checked up on. Most of them bailed on us but that is ok. We tracted into a lady named Mercedes who was interested and told us she had already taken the lessons but that she wanted us to come by. She was really nice. We invited our investigators to conference and had rides set up for some of them but they all bailed..... Oh well..... We also visted a couple of less actives that we have found also. We were sharing with EVERYBODY Amos 3:7 and how there are prophets on the earth today. We were trying to get people to come to conference but it

So this Week was awesome. I loved having the opportunity to listen to our prophets and apostles!!! We were able to watch the first session at the mission home and sister hansen gave us lunch. While at the mission home the elders did a guess to see who would become the three new apostles. Well if you wouldn't believe it I wrote down Ronald A Rasband, Gary E Stevenson and Tad R Callister. I WAS SO CLOSE!!!!!!!! I didn't really know who Renlund was. I'm not going to lie. I was really proud of myself for getting two right. I was talking to one of my former companions on the phone, Elder Passey, to share our guess. He was set that Ronald A Rasband would not be it. Well guess who I got a phone call from after the sustaining... HAHA!!!!

I loved the talks from Conference!!!! I loved Dieter F Uchtdorfs talk about how the gospel works for all of us. I also loved Elder Lawrence's also. It made me think where I lack at.... I also loved Niel F Marriots about how everything will work out. I loved the story she shared about when her daughter died about how she could still believe in that motto, but shared how through God's plan of happiness everything will work out.  In the second session I loved Robert D Hales to the youth and young adults, It made me think what are my priorities should be when I get home. I also loved Jeffery R Hollands on mothers. That helped me reflect on the amazing things my mom has done for me. And she has had to put up with a lot from me. HAHA. I loved Dallin H Oaks on being streanthend by the atonement of Christ. I TOTALLY AGREED with Elder Bradley D Fosters comment how the world is trying to replace the identity of our children! I am just sooo grateful for this gospel and the prophets!!!!

I really enjoyed President Monson's Priesthood session talk. It was really simple and direct to keep the commandments. It really saddened me to see him struggle in the Sunday morning session though at the end of his talk. Though age may be catching up to him, his is still God's prophet on the earth today. He gave an amazing talk though on being an example and emulating the Savior. I especially enjoyed the testimonies of the three new apostles. Henry B Eyring gave an amazing talk on having the holy ghost as our companion.

I loved listening to the amazing conference precedings. I enjoyed the spirit that we all felt listening to this amazing general conference.

I miss yall so much!!! Thank you so much for all yalls thoughts and prayers!!!!

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