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We Thank thee O God for a Prophet Feb. 1, 2016

We Thank Thee O God For a Prophet
Robert Richardson <>  Feb 1 at 11:23 AM
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HEY HEY HEY Everybody!!!!
So this week was awesome!!! We had the opportunity to hear from Elder Rasband, from the quorum of the twelve apostles, live twice! It was so awesome!!!! He is an awesome teacher! Our first opportunity to listen to him was Saturday. We all got to shake his hand and then Elder Blooth the area seventy addressed us. He talked about his experience when Elder Rasband was the president of the seventy and they had a conference with all 330 seventy. When he entered the auditorium and turned to Elder Blooth and said 'HEY RANDY!' He talked about how impressed that made him of him. After he spoke, Elder Zwick of the first quorum of the seventy spoke to us. We were really scared of him because he has changed a lot of stuff in the mission before hand but he gave an excellent talk. He talked on simplifying our lessons and talked how teaching is not speaking. He said sometimes we are the ones that prevent the spirit from coming in our lessons and how sometimes we need to allow silence to be in our lessons. He talked of an experience just recently when He was taking a family friend not a member through the new provo city center temple. They were in the chapel of the temple and he was about to speak about the temple but he felt she needed the silence. She then spoke of the spirit and said it is true! He also spoke of a time when his son, who is special needs and has difficulties speaking was able to accompany his brother in Thailand for the last three weeks mission. His other son as a missionary in Thailand only had one baptism. His special needs son committed 2 families and baptism and was able to witness them baptized just before he left. He talked about that it was the spirit that did the work. After Elder Rasband Addressed us and spoke how this was one of the few weeks he doesn't have an assignment for a stake conference and how President Nelson was inspired to send him to Baton Rouge Louisiana of all places in the world. He didn't know why the lord wanted him here but he knows it was of inspiration. He also spoke of the Love President Monson and said that he is the most loving man he knows. When President Monson asked where he was going for the weekend he said Baton Rouge Louisiana. President Monson said tell the missionaries that i love them. He spoke on a very simple topic. He related his talk back to Blooths and spoke on the importance of a name. He said to makes sure we know the first and last name of all who we teach. He said they will feel loved using those. He said you can also pray, fast, study for, put in the temple prayer role, with a name. It was really good. He also talked about his 2010 april general conference talk when he was assigned to watch president erying assign missionaries. He talked about how he is now authorized to do that with his call to the quorum of the twelve and what he has learned from it. He spoke of the importance of the call and how the Lord accepts our efforts. He said that willingness to serve shows our love to the savior. He also spoke of complaining of an area or companion is mocking the lord. He said not only do our presence in these areas help others but they shape ourselves as well. He spoke of an experience he had as a mission president when he sent a missionary who was having a lot of success in his area but he moved him to Connecticut in his last area. When they were giving go home testimonys the missionary mentioned how he loved his mission except that area. Elder Rasband spoke of how that hurt him. A year later another missionary was in that area when that missionary got a call from a lady who went through a tramatic experience and she went to grab the bible but ended up being a book of mormon with the previous years missionary name and number in it. She took the lessons and was later baptized. He spoke that the lord may have us be harvesters, toil the soil, be sowers. He spoke that sometimes the missionaries who didn't have the right purpose coming out may need the success and harvest where those who did are in need to toil the soil. It made me think of my experience in Algiers going to Lafayette and having success, and then coming here and having to work to get things going. I am so grateful for the plan that the lord has for me. For these experiences that the lord has needed me to have these experiences to shape me into what the lord wants. At the end he bore a powerful witness of the Savior. He said that he and the rest of the quorum of the twelve are no strangers to the voice of the Lord. It was a powerful testimony.

The next day on Sunday he spoke at english ward our primary and youth attend so we got to attend that as well. He spoke of the message of the book of mormon and spoke of the scripture in 3 Nephi 11: 14-15 how the multitude went forth one by one to feel the nail marks in his hands feet and side. He then went to 3 Nephi 17 and talked about how the Savior invited all you had infirmities to come forth and then he had the children come forth one by one. He spoke of how all have infirmities and how all 2500 came forth to be healed by the savior. He spoke of being healed by the savior for all and then he left a blessing that those in the congregation will be able to have their load lighten with the help of the savior. It was an amazing talk. We were able to introduce one of the members we visit to Elder Rasband and shake his hand again. I am grateful for the opportunity we had to listen to a Prophet, seer, and revelator.

We also had some awesome experiences On Sunday we realized that we had not made our goal in new investigators so we went out and contacted to try and make our goal to find someone to teach. We saw a huge group of hispanics that looked like they were partying and drinking. I am not going to lie, I try and avoid contacting in those groups.... As we were walking away the spirit was so strong into saying YOU CAN'T WALK AWAY FROM THEM! I soon found myself walking toward them! I started asking them if they knew about the book of mormon? One of them came up and said he was member and was baptized in Honduras! He even gave the whole Restoration lesson to his friends and about the experience of Joseph Smith. His brothers also talked to us and told us they had never been baptized into the church but their whole family had and there uncle is a bishop in Honduras. I am so grateful for the guidance of the spirit to help us find these lost sheep. It was definitely an interesting lesson because the member was completely drunk! HAHA

We also got to see Omar and his wife Alli and talked about the book of mormon and how it can change their life. It was a powerful lesson. They were so receptive. We also saw a bunch of others last week who we usually see.

We also have been helping people with family history. We got to help President Ottinelli find names. Word got our about my talent. HAHA. We have a ton of appointments this week because Pres Ottinelli changed the 5th sunday lesson at the last minute to Family history and had me help out with that. HAHA! It happened again like the Westbank.

I know this Church is true. It is the only thing that can bring peace in this world, and offer salvation and exaltation to all those who believe and act on it. The Book of Mormon has the power to change to course of someones life. If any of yall who receive these emails feel there is something missing from your life, whether you are a member or not, read the Book of Mormon. It has the power to change your life. It has the power to bring you to the house of God to be worthy to receive blessings to enable us, or for those who have passed, to walk back to the presence of the Father, and to Kneel on an alter with family or in behalf of your ancestors who have passed through the veil to seal those we love to us for time and all eternity. The gospel is the same established by Jesus Christ in the meridian of time. Like the ancient times, God reveals his word again! I love yall so much!
Elder Richardson

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