Thursday, May 21, 2015

Come let us Anew/ transferred to Lafayette, LA April 18th 2015

Anyway I am sure yall want to know where I am at. I am in Lafayette. It is extremely different than New Orleans!!! It is so much nicer here!!! It is like Utah. I don't feel threatened every time I go out. There are not many black people either. I feel like the majority again!!! HOORAY!!! Elder Passey is my new companion. He is so much better than my last companion. My last companion was the worst ever. But I need to be nice. I served around Elder Passey in the West Bank and he is a really fun companion.

The Ward here is huge!!! I have been so used to branches. Priesthood meeting here is the size of the English branch. The sacrament congregation goes halfway into the gym. They pack you in like sardines in there. There are a little more people in the summer because ADT sends a bunch of salesmen here, but there are a ton of members in Lafayette. There is also quite a bit of Spanish here to.  We did have a spanish investigator at church named Raphael. If we have spanish investigators who come we do have people that can translate through headphones, but most usually know how to speak english or they choose not the translation.

We have a couple other investigators that usually come to church but they were unable to. We were able to see Raphael and his wife. They have been taught for a long time now. We talked about the fruits of the spirit with them. We also saw a guy named Larry who was completely drunk. I guess he is always drunk when the missionaries go over. So I don't know how much he will progress. We saw an old man named Patrick who is in a rest home. We saw another family Carmen and Jose. We taught them a little bit of the plan of Salvation.

A lot of the people that we usually see were not able to see us so I still have a long ways until I learn the area.

The members here are awesome. The first day I was here and older couple took us out to Longhorn steak house and got us Ribeyes!!!! I had not had steak in  like forever!!! I was so happy. Some members had us over for ribs on saturday and yesterday the ADT gang had their group steak bar-b-que that they invited us to. After, the bishop had us over for Cobler. This is cajun country so there is a lot of food!

Today for p-day we made hot dogs wrapped in hamburger and bacon. They were really good. Now we will be playing volley-ball.

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