Thursday, May 21, 2015

I'll go where you want me to go

Anyway, Louisiana does not have any Mountains, The mountain here is the Levee but we were able to go to the Temple on Friday! That was a wonderful session! We went for the endowment of the Stancliffes daughter who is going on a mission. We went up with the Fossatis and they were able to be the witness couple which was really cool. We got to sit in the front row with President Fossati. Other people in the English branch were there also. The senior couple also went. It was so neat in the Celestial Room with so many people wonderful people from the branch. It reminded me when I received my endowment and there were so many wonderful people from the ward there in the celestial room. It was like being home. It was weird because I got to be the first person in the Celestial room. That was really cool. Plus a bonus they played my favorite film with the Saturn looking heaven. That one is probably my favorite. It so neat because every time I go I keep understanding more and more of the symbolism.

Last week we also had a zone conference. People from Salt Lake came to teach President and other randomly selected missionaries the new way we are to teach. It was really good to learn this new form. They completely changed how we are to teach. It used to be flood the earth with book of Mormons but it is not that way anymore. I noticed it on the mission they have been slowly wanting us not to hand out book of mormons out. Now Salt lake doesn't even want us to give the book of mormon out until the second lesson. It was interesting how they want us to do the lessons. We are to do the restoration in less than 7 minutes. WOW. It was really cool. It was done in a way that involves the investigator more and to get them learn for themselves. To read the pamphlet. The next day we are to come back and give them the book of mormon. And talk about the book of mormon more in depth. Then that saturday they want us to take them on a chapel tour. It used to be Plan of Salvation to be second. The plan of salvation lesson was a lot different how they wanted us to teach us. They want us to really focus on the Atonement and when we talk about each part in the plan of salvation to always link it to the atonement. It is a lot different but it will be really cool.

We tracted into a spanish guy last week and tried to do the lesson thing they wanted us to do. It is a little harder to do on the spanish then the english. A less active member named Carol had a friend named Cindy. She was a lady who had a lot of trials. We were able to teach her that God has a plan for her and that this life is to learn, to grow, to gain experience, but that we are here to be happy.

On Saturday the branches had there day of service. We helped out at a no kill animal shelter. We got to help build a fence, walk the dogs, and help clean the dogs. It brought back memories from work. There of course was the loud barking dogs, the extra large squidgy, the same soap, it was crazy! It was a great service project, but it was bad for the parents, because all of the kids were begging their parents to take home a pet. HAHA!!! There were a couple adoptions though. It was an awesome

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