Thursday, May 21, 2015

Gretna in March

So we have p-day on Tuesday usually during transfer week.... Well.... We have to email on Monday because the library will be closed on St. Patrick's Day....  Louisiana finds any excuse to take a day off...... Anyway we will not recieve calls who is leaving and who is going until tonight..... But I will make sure to email all yall tomorrow if I do or don't. This week was a bitter sweet week. It was really fun and we did a lot but it was really sad because I am 99.9 percent sure i will be getting transfered and it was a little hard leaving a lot of the people because you knew that could be the last time you see them. It was especially difficult to say good bye to the Hoffmans. They did request me on facebook as friends so I was really happy about that.

We were also able to see Lorenzo's mom Crisitina. She was extremely friendly with us and she wants us to come over tonight to help her mow the lawn and feed us dinner. I think she is almost to point where she would like to learn about the gospel and learn what her son is teaching to others. She was showing us pictures of Lorenzo on the mission and he was doing very well!!! It made me so happy!!! 

Tuesday and Wednesday it rained a lot and we were under flood watch so we couldn't go out. Thursday we were able to go out, usually thrusdays we go out with Brother Stancliffe to see some single women in the branch. One of the Less actives really wants to come back. At church it was so awesome because 2 different spanish less actives that we visit came to church!!!!! One of them has been coming more recently now and he is bringing his daughter too!!! 

We also walked sister morinos dog and also had a little lesson with her. The sisters, the stancliffes, and us think that the way to get her back will be to get into to church building to have her feel that spirit. They are going to have an activity soon with sewing and they need her help with that so hopefully she will enjoy that. We will be at her house tonight to also mow her lawn.

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