Thursday, May 21, 2015

Miracles in Gretna April 2015

Anyway the work is going fairly well here. Tuesday we got to do a missionary activity with the youth for mutual. That was really fun. The station a missionary and I got to do was we got to act like crazy people and they had to get them focus. It was really funny acting like people we have visited and see how the youth would get them to focus. It was really fun getting to help them and prepare them for their missions.

We had an appointment with an English less active on Saturday but I had a feeling to visit her on Thursday but I had no clue why. We went over there and there was a Hispanic family helping her out. We got to talk to them and share the restoration with them!

We got to visit that same less active on Saturday and she watched general conference at home. We were so excited that she did that!!! We also take the sacrament to a lady who is 90 years old who is blind and can't hear well. Her daughter is a less active and has some Buddhist beliefs. Before she left she volunteered to say the PRAYER!!! And she said in the prayer how she was grateful for the savior Jesus Christ!!!! THAT WAS SO AWESOME!!!

We also visited Sister Morino and talked about the coming forth of the Book of Mormon and read Moroni's promise at the end of the Book of Mormon. We commited her to read the Book of Mormon. She said she would and talked about that she feels the spirit when she reads the Book of Mormon.

While at church on Sunday an Elder in the district and I got to help out in primary with the hand signals for the song Book of Mormon stories. Dad when I return from my mission I would like a calling in the primary. cough cough cough......  It was really fun. The children are crazy but it was fun trying to get them to pay attention and get to work with them.

During the Spanish sacrament service a lady bore her testimony and talked about how she was from Florida. It sounded like she was just visiting from Florida but I had a really strong impression to welcome her. When I was walking up her 9 year old son told his mom how he wanted to say hi to the missionary. The son came up and was talked to me telling me how he wanted to serve a mission in England. I was talking to him and his mom and she said they just moved here from Miami and I asked her where she lived and they lived in our area!!! I told her we would love to come over and she asked us to come over that night!!! She really wanted missionaries to ascosiated with her husband who is a less active but is ENDOWED!!! The spanish branch has very very few endowed priesthood holders. It is sad. There are way more women who are endowed than men in that branch. We got to visit them and they were an awesome family!!! They are so strong in the gospel. The father even said I need to go to church but just tired because he works a lot!!! After the lesson it was raining very hard and he wouldn't let us walk home and he gave us a ride. There names are the Hernandez family and they are really awesome that is strong in the gospel. They are going to be such a blessing to the spanish branch.

Another Miracle we had was Abinadi is out of town but Anna Garcia still came to church!!! It was awesome. She must be really interested. He will be coming back on Saturday and we have an appointment with them on Sunday next week. Sister Ortega was so nice to her also. She came to sit by her in the back and helped her take care of her 6 year old son while she had to take out her baby during the service!

The work is slowly progressing but it is so excited to see new people come. This is truly the work of salvation. I am so grateful to be apart of this work!!! I just looked out side and it looks like the sky is just pouring water!!! It has been raining like crazy here!!!

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