Sunday, October 12, 2014

09/02/2014 - Still Here in Gretna

The loaner bike I had broke so my companion and I had to walk 3 miles back to our apartment. It was all in Ghettos ares and a lot of it goes under the highway bridges!!! It was night time also so I was just praying that we would not get mugged. I was so happy we made it home safe. I was able to get another loaner bike from an elder in our district who gets to use a car.... NO FAIR. I had it really good with you guys. We dont get any dinner appointments. We had one last week but they flaked on us; however a hispanic lady brought us some food one night. I ate that so fast!!! It was a nice treat to have. I have felt like a king just eating fishsticks. The only places to shop near our house are these dollar stores. This week we were able to go to samsclub and get hot dog buns and french fries with our fish sticks. One thing I have learned from my mission is that I am never leaving Utah to live somewhere else. It is crazy here!!!! Ogden is the Beverly Hills compared to this place. So we taught Russel a couple of times and he commited to be baptized October 25!!! I hope he keeps his commitment. That would be so cool. My companion has been out for over a year and has not had a baptism so that would be really cool for him. We are also teaching an excommunicated lady named Sister Fresh. She truly knows that the gospel is true. She really desires to be re baptized. The branch president said she has to take all of the lessons to be re baptized so that is really cool that we get to have a part in her repentance process. We were helping a less active member come back to church who really wants to attend the temple. He came to church but he did something inappropriate to a pregnant lady there and there was a huge argument and he left. It is so hard when you want to help people but it is hard if they don't help themselves.

We tried to teach Raymon but he keeps flaking out on us for lessons... We have taught a couple of other people briefly. A lady named Tania lives by us and iis interested in learning more about Jesus. Another guy that was in our area book named Charles is really interested about the church. He feels like he cant be forgiven of his sins. He told us he was apart of some club in California called the Crypt that he was in jail for. I don't know what that is... But he really likes the missionaries. Some pass missionaries helped him when he was contemplating suicide so hopefully we can help him and teach him that through the atonement he can be forgiven of his sins We have helped a lot of people in both branches. We helped the one hispanic lady that brought us over food with moving some furniture from the hotel she works in NOLA to her home. It was so cool we got to go to this really fancy hotel in Downtown New Orleans. The city was really neat. The hotel was really tall and we could see the whole New Orleans area from the top of this hotel.

We are also helping a young man in the spanish branch going on a mission. His family is inactive but he still comes everyweek. His papers are in so he is so excited to get his call. We still do a lot of biking. One thing we do a lot is deliver bibles to people. When you google free bible on google. and are the first websites that come up to request them. When they put in their information on the sites we get a text from Salt Lake to deliver them a bible. A lot of them freak out when we are at the door because they didn't relize they requested a bible from the mormons. They still take the bible but they are a little mean to us.

Well I hope the bike comes. I hope maybe we get some dinner appointments because I am getting sick of eating hot dogs mac and cheese fish stick and top roman.... ewe!!!

Love Elder Richardson

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