Sunday, October 12, 2014

09/30/2014 - Staying in the West Bank!!!

I am staying in the West Bank this transfer. Another 6 weeks here!!! The work is going good. It was a a little bit of a slower week but all is well!!! I hope you are doing good. Ya I heard of woodys Passing. I am so grateful for the plan of salvation also and that we can be together as a family. The basis for every temple ordinance and covenant, The heart of the plan of salvation, is the atonement of Jesus Christ. All that we do in the church point to the Lord and his holy house. I am so grateful for the temple Ashley and for the opportunity we have to be a family for eternity!!! I hope you will be able to get your endowment when I come back from my mission because it is so cool Ashley!!! I love attending the temple!!! I love the worship in the temple!!!

 I am still not able to speak an ounce of spanish.... I hope it comes soon........

Well this week was a little bit of a slow week. We got to have a lesson with Russel. He is still committed to baptism and is trying to exercise so he can walk. We can really see the Lord help him as he has been trying to keep his commitment for baptism. Sister Fresh is doing well also. She still can't quit but she is trying really hard. We told her if she reads the book of Mormon everyday the lord will bless her in her effort to quit. We are also continuing help Lorenzo getting excited for his call. He should have it this week. We can't even find Raymond. He is not home now. We think his girl friend kicked him out because we called his phone and she answered and said he is not here and hung up the phone..... Oh well

The weather here is still extremely hot and humid. It is weird to see Halloween decorations when it is still really hot. I can't believe it is in the 60s in Utah!!! Holly Cow!!!

We also translated again for the Zaballas. They cooked us some good enchilatas again and they brought some over later in the week also. We met another less active family named the Sandavols. They were really nice.

The week has been going good. On Saturday we gave a bunch of lessons to less actives!!! That was really cool. It boost our lesson count after a slow week. I am so excited for General Conference this weekend. I love hearing the words of the prophets and apostles!!! Today I finished the book of Mormon again!!! I have started to read it in Spanish and it is harder to understand but after reading it again I have gained a further testimony of it that it is true!!! It is so important for investigators to know that the Book of Mormon is true because if they know it is true than they know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and they know the Church is true!!! If they read it and ask God with real intent with faith in Christ He will manifest the truthfullnes of it by the power of the Holy Ghost!!! I KNow the book of Mormon is true!!! I love this Gospel!!!

Elder Richardson

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