Sunday, October 12, 2014

09/23/2014 - Hola!!!


Dad was saying that the missionaries in Clinton teach about 30 lessons a week. That is a ton!!!
We are lucky if we get over 15. In other cities in Louisiana it can be more or less. My companion was in a Bayou town called Houma and he had 30 lessons a week. Baton Rouge and downtown New Orleans struggle and they are lucky if they get over 8. We do a lot of service though. Back at home when someone needed to move or needs help with their house, needs a lawn mowed, or needs help with their car they usually call the elders quorum. Not here. They call the missionaries. We have helped a lot with the Spanish Branch President move into his home. We helped him a lot on friday and saturday because he was throwing a bday party for his wife. At least that night he made a ton of food. It was really fun. We also mow a ladies lawn who was a relief society president but removed her records because she blames the church for her husbands death. Apparently she wanted the missionary that she really liked to come from Utah to give her husband a blessing. Of course the branch here has a ton of priesthood holders but she wanted that paticuliar missionary to give her husband a blessing...... Anyway she loves it when we share spiritual thoughts and read out of the book of mormon, She loves the people in the church but when you mention attending or baptism she gets really angry. We also walk her dog Winston who is a black Labrador retriever mix....

For my birthday I went on an exchange with the Zone leaders in Downtown New Orleans in Tulane University. We taught College students. There was one who was of the Bahai Faith. That was interesting..... We Taught two other less actives and one was trying to justify saying the F bomb. I felt so uncomfortable in that one..... The homes in the downtown area are extremely old. They look like they are going to fall apart.

I have been making it a goal to contact more people. I have been doing really good at that. I was able to contact a lady that was really excited about the pamphlet and she said it made her day receiving it. She really wants us to come back. Other people that we contact will take the pamphlet or book of mormon but they dont want us to come back. They tell us they are full of the Gospel already.

Russel is progressing really well. He is still planning on being baptized Oct 25. I hope he doesn't get to scared with his leg situation. He has been telling us that since he made that commitment that God will take that very seriously so hopefully he will get baptized. Hopefully I wont get transfer October 1. Tranfers are every 6 weeks. The past mission president kept them in 4-5 tranfers. The rumors with President Hansen is he will probably keep missionaries in an area for 2-3 transfers. Raymon doesn't have a baptism date anymore because you are suppose to come to church 3 times before your date but he didn't come again. He is really lazy so it was expected. Will continue to teach him and see what happens. We have a lot of potentals the problem is to meet with them. They never keep appointments so we have to try and catch them on the go. Time is not an issue down here to them. The people here are just kinda on the go. What ever happens happens....

We are still helping that one kid who is putting in his papers. The Stake President put in his call so he should be getting that soon. He comes from a less active family and he himself is kinda less active so I am suprised they approved his papers. We try to meet with him once a week.

The talk yesterday went very well. At least I think it did. I am not sure how my spanish was but I hope it was good....... That is so cool the Ogden Temple was rededicated. I am excited to do a session there. I really want to attend the temple so bad right now. I feel like I need that spiritual boost you get from doing an endowment session. We should be going to the temple November 1st so hopefully we will get to go!!!

The peace from the temple is undescribeable!!!\
I love you so much!!! Be safe!!!
Love Elder Richardson

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