Sunday, October 12, 2014

09/08/2014 - Hello From Nola

Hi Everybody!!!

So this week was a lot better than the past couple!!!! Now that we are starting to get to know the members they are feeding us. We are also teaching a lot more. It is hard being doubled into an area. We got really good Honduran enchilatas. I forgot to say but most of the spanish here are from the honduras... That is really weird I would have thought Mexico. They are really neat people and really kind. On the West Bank we cover the Algiers part of New Orleans but we got to go to The East Bank of New Orleans THREE Times!!! We went on Saturday for a Zone training at the downtown meeting house on St Charles and then we went this morning to translate for a hispanic member while he went to the doctor and then they fed us tacos for lunch and then as a district we went to the French Market!!! It was really neat. The only place we are not allowed is Bourban Street. I bought and Aligator head at the French market!!! We are going to have to come when I get back because it is really neat. That is why I am emailing so late is because we were there most of the day. We went to a store in the French Quarter call Pepper Palace and they sell hot sauce there. The elders kept talking about this pepper challange that they had done and wanted to do it again. So I decided to do it with them. They had this really hot pepper sauce to try on a little spoon that you had to sign a waiver to try it. Well I thought you filled the spoon full of it so when I did that the elders made a WOAH WHAT ARE YOU DOING apparently you are suppose to put a drop on so when I tried it UGHHHHHHHHHHH IT WAS SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!! I have never experience something so hot in my life!!! I was sweating like a sinner in church and tears were coming out of my eyes!!!! It was so fun but I felt sick after. They took a picture of all of the elders together and said they would post it on facebook so go on facebook and search Pepper Palace and check to see if you can see us. I really wanted to get an aligator on a stick and some jambalaya at the market but I didn't feel like eating anything after that. The downtown atmosphere in New Orleans is really neat. The street lamps are the old timey fire lamps and there is Jazz everywhere. There was also a lot of stuff at the French Market that was really cheap. We had so much fun.

Anyway the Work is going really well. My companion and I get along really well. I have so far been really lucky with companions. We have a second baptism date with Raymon. So Russel should be getting baptized on the 25 of October and Raymon committed to the 11 of October. I dont know if Raymon will be baptized that day because it is hard getting him to come to church. Russel has been going for over 6 months But Raymon has not been yet. So we saw Charles, the guy in the crypt, last week and talked with him a little bit and shared scriptures and helped him fix his bike. We came back a couple of days and he couldnt meet so I shared with him Mosiah 2 41 that the commandments help us be happy. He got really angry and said that the commandments were unnecessary and started to Bible Bash us like no other and then after that he asked us for food. We don't have much but apparently the last elders gave him money and food. We dont have much so he got angry about that; he was screaming at us....... Oh Well...... We got a lot of other solid investigators...... We showed Russel How Rare a Possession and he really liked that movie. We showed Raymon the Mormon Channel on Youtube and he really liked that. He really liked the mormon message about temples and said he wants to be sealed to his fiance there.

We have been doing a lot of Reactivation with the spanish branch. It is really hard because I just sit there and dont know what is being said. I can kinda get the jist of it. I shared a scripture with Daniel y Norma a honduran family that gave us the enchilatas and we translated for from Helamen 10 7 about the sealing power binding on earth and in heaven and they said that no one had invited them to the temple and they really want to come back to church and be sealed. Sister Fresh is progressing really well. She is really ready to be baptized. I am not sure when she can be baptized because the Branch President has to approve it but I think she will be soon because she is commited to keeping the commandments and has a broken heart and a contrite spirit.

Elder Richardson

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