Sunday, October 12, 2014

10/06/2014 - General Conference Weekend

YO YO YO!!!!!!
YO how have you been!!! I hope St George was fun!!! Conference was so great!!! It is so important that we have a prophet that keeps the church on the straight and narrow. Every aspect of the church is so important!!! The basis for every temple ordinance and covenant and the plan of salvation is centered on Jesus Christ!!! Christ makes it possible for us to be crowned with that glory of exaltation.

General Conference was so good!!! I really enjoyed all the talks. I especially enjoyed Jeffery R Hollands how we have a responsibility to care for the poor even though they may have got themselves in the circumstances. I also enjoyed Neil A Andersons talk about Joseph Smith and how he brought about the restoration and the importance of his call. I liked Dieter F Uchtdorfs talk about God and the belief in the gospel. I liked in the priesthood session he talked about how priesthood leaders need to live up that standard. I like Dallin H Oaks how he further talked about we need stand up for our beliefs but respect others and be non contentious. I also liked the focus on the Sacrament and following the prophet and the importance that we have a prophet. I loved listening to the messages in Conference and the spiritual boost and re-commitment to live more righteously is gives me.

Russel really loved Conference. We have seen him progress so much the past couple of weeks. I am thinking he is going to make it to the 25th!!!! We keep praying for him everyday. We also finished the lessons with Sister Fresh and now we are just waiting for approval. A lady we contacted really loves talking to us and wants to learn more about the gospel. She also gave us a referal for us her neighbor Herb. We went and visited him and he is 94 and he played for the Negro Leagues in the AAA. He was telling us his life story how he played baseball for Spokane and New Mexico and how he was one of the first black people in the white leagues in the AAA. He threw the first pitch in the Mariners game a couple of months ago. He was really neat and wants to learn more about prophets!!!

So I have been reading the doctrine and Covenants and Book of Mormon in Spanish for language and personal study. I have especially enjoyed reading the doctrine and covenants. There is so many missionary scriptures. As members of the church of Christ we have an obligation as he said before his Ascension into heaven "Go ye therefore and preach all nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost" We have a responsibility to share the gospel bodily and profoundly as a trump. This gospel will go forth boldly until it has sounded in every ear and is preached to every nation. The field is white and ready to harvest. We have a responsibility to find the lost sheep. It is wonderful to be apart of this work. The lord has recently revealed that he is hastening his work to prepare the world for the second coming!!! What A WONDERFUL CALL WE EACH HAVE to be a missionary!!! If we have a desire to serve then we are called to the work!!! I love being a missionary even though it can be hard and feel inadequate but it is so important that I give my time and know that I at least tried!!!

Love Elder Richardson

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